Sunday, April 5, 2009

What is Fancy Schmancy Party Attire?

Well- we are fresh from our trip to Texas and we had the opportunity to attend the Junk Gypsy Prom- (our event will not be a "prom" & will be different from theirs- but I thought it would be a great way to show how fun it is when everyone dresses up for the occasion...)- Enjoy these pictures of their AMAZING event.

We LOVE the Junk Gypsies! Here are the Junk Gypsy girls- Jolie (in the middle) remembered us from Fall's show & even stopped in the middle of all of the craziness (she was being pulled in a million directions) to tell me thank you for mentioning them on our blog- she is such a doll, so genuine.- They looked so fun in their party frocks and top hats- too fun! They know how to do it right & put on a great party~

Look at these pretty party-goer in her feathers & beads!

This group of girls was a lot of fun- Loved their outfits.- Check out the peacock earrings- (very bohemian wouldn't you say?)

These two "prom-goers" worked the gyspy booth- so cute, love their matching hats!

All of these gals rocked their Prom attire at the Junk Gypsie's Prom in Texas last week. This was our first prom and it didn't dissapoint. BUT...Let me tell you- next year we will be decked out.
We were freshly inspired by all of the great "costumes" we saw at prom & Dan even found his "get-up" for our soiree on the way home in Austin-YAY!

It is SO much fun when everyone gets into it so much- if you aren't dressed up- it truly isn't as much fun - So... as an incentive, we are letting all party-goers who dress up- in for 1/2 price!- So get your "fancy schmancy" party gear together & make it a night to remember! Who doesn't love a reason to be silly and dress crazy? I say we don't do it enough!

Can't Wait!

*Unfortunate update~with all of the craziness of our unpacking- Dan's PERFECT shindig outfit was thrown away- he was heartbroken to say the least. He even went to the dump to see if we could catch it before it was gone forever. It now belongs to the landfill... BOOHOO.

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